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It seems like there’s an upcoming explosion of Gypsy Jazz gigs over the coming weeks in Glasgow and Edinburgh........


                                   CLICK HERE for details     





*except when there’s a major event at Hampden - check with us before setting out if in doubt - the venue and calendar page will  be updated  regularly.

We’ll be adding to this site over the next couple of weeks so be sure to call back. We’ll be adding more resources, links and dates for your diary - AND a special feature on going to Samois


In the meantime click on the Samois poster to visit the

Offical festival site for the latest news ................

update - 25 May  2011

Visit the library page to find out about a couple of fantastic and FREE resoucres


If you’re thinking about coming along to join in please visit the Library and resources page to help you prepare. Please also read the “about jamming” page.

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